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Ballerinas, flats, manoletinas, francesitas, balletinas...

When we talk about ballerinas, a comfortable woman's shoe with a very low or flat heel comes to mind immediately, for everyday use and very versatile.

Dancers began to be used in ballet, hence their name, but they have an endless number of combination possibilities, feeling as feminine as a pair of high heels. They are shoes that you can combine with pants and with dresses or skirts.

These shoes are perfect for all year round as they partially cover the whole foot, so you can wear them in spring, summer, autumn and also in winter, with some socks.

Which model do you choose? If you prefer basic ballerinas, choose among the most classic and elegant models, but if you want a different look, look at the more casual and chic flats of the collection. It all depends on what you want to wear.

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