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Pumps and high heels

Pumps and high heels wedding & party shoes online - Made in Spain

Looking for closed toe shoes? You found them! By Angel Alarcon

Pumps and high heels party shoes. Evening & occasion shoes for woman. Shop online

If you prefer not to show the toes of your feet you can buy one of the shoes that we show you in this section. Fully enclosed toe shoes among which you can find round-toed, square-toed or fine-toe shoes.

In this section you can see wedding shoes of type salon, the most traditional bridal shoes, the classics. Closed toe and covered heel shoes. It is the most requested model by classic or timeless brides. It's a basic, like the stiletto.

You can also opt for a brand new and modern closed-toed shoes.

On one hand you have closed-toed shoes but with an uncovered heel, ankle tied or heel tied with bows or buckles.

On the other hand you have closed toed shoes but with the heel covered, called d'Orsays. In this type of shoes only the main part of the foot remains open. They are very elegant and fresh shoes.

Do you like closed-toe, pumps or high heels shoes? Then you have found your ideal shoes.

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