Do you have a wedding, a special day or an important dinner? Then your head is hovering around the million-dollar question: What do I wear? What shoes?

When it comes to buying clothes for a special day such as celebrations, ceremonies or important events, we often ask ourselves many questions about the look we will wear: dress or suit jacket, skirt or trousers, long or short, what flatters me more, how to combine colours, what I look prettier with…

Have you ever considered comfort

There is one thing we have to be clear about, comfort is not in rivalry with elegance and good dress. We know that high heels bring an extra height to women, beautifies the legs and shapes the figure. In addition, with this accessory we feel more beautiful, seductive and even more self-confident.

High heels can be divided into several categories: low, medium or high heels, wide heels or fine heels. I’m not really going to tell you what the ideal height is for each occasion because that’s going to depend on each woman.

What is the most important thing? I’m going to give you good an advice, take note and never forget these words:

On a special day, don’t try to be another woman.

If you are one of those women who wear high heels almost every day, you won’t have any problems when it comes to choosing your shoes… Use the height that you like but take into account the height of your partner, yours and what you grow with the heels. If you’re talking about a blind date, it’s best to wear shoes with medium heels, just in case.

What if you’re not used to wearing high heels? If you want to feel comfortable and don’t usually wear 12cm shoes, an important event is not a good time to start. Imagine that you are going to get married and you don’t usually wear high shoes… how long are you going to last?

How many times have we witnessed women sitting in chairs taking off their shoes because their feet hurt? Why does this happen? Because they have prioritized beauty over comfort, because they have not worn the right footwear or because they are not used to wearing that type of shoe.

If you wear dancers, sports shoes or wedges every day, opt for medium or low heels. If, in spite of everything, you prefer to wear a high heel, try to use a wide heel with a front platform because this way you will be more comfortable. Try to walk with the shoes several days before, use them even to clean or at home so your body can adapt to this way of walking.

Another option is to buy a second pair of shoes that are similar to the main ones, but more comfortable. You can alternate or change them whenever you want.

But, above all, remember, don’t try to be another woman. Comfort is important.

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