25 Original Ideas for your wedding

Do you dream of a different wedding that reflects you and your partner’s personality? Nowadays there are thousands of different ways to celebrate a wedding and make it unforgettable. Gone are the typical church or civil weddings that were hardly different from each other. Today you can make the wedding you’ve always dreamed of come true and personalize it from start to finish, from sending the invitation, the dress to the post-party.

In weddings there are many things to take into account, and to make sure that everything goes smoothly, it is usual to ask for help from family and friends. However, you have to be careful with them because they may have opinions that differ from yours and your partner’s. You must maintain your own style because on this day you are going to celebrate your love.

In this article we will give you 25 original ideas to personalize your wedding regardless of your and your partner’s style. We will give you classic ideas, but with those avant-garde touches that you like so much, as well as risky ones and the sea of fun that will leave your guests amazed and wanting to repeat over and over again. The great thing about these ideas is that you can then adapt them to your style so that your wedding will be just as you’ve always dreamed.

  1. Invitations: Traditionally the invitations are in paper and usually sent by post, but there are other different ways to create them, especially in the digital age in which we live. Yes, we are talking about the video. It is a very original and fun idea that will remain in everyone’s memory, since it is not thrown away or lost like typical invitations. You can send it by email or by whatsapp. They can be animated, with illustrations, a video of you with messages on paper or a video of you talking. You can also talk to your photographer or videographer to create a sequence of images and create a spectacular video.

  1. Clothing: Religious weddings ask for a little more decorum, but if you’re having a civil wedding, you’re free to dress as you like. Can you imagine walking down the altar in a pink dress or having the groom wear shorts? How about having a costume or theme wedding? A wedding should reflect the personality of the bride and groom.

novio y novia diferentes boda

  1. Different wedding shoes: Give your bridal shoes a different look. How about customizing your wedding shoes with the wedding date? I’m sure it will be a nice souvenir. There are many craftswomen who paint their wedding shoes in leather and fabric and create real art. You can also choose to wear colored wedding shoes and give a different touch to your wedding look.
Zapatos de novia pintados a mano
  1. Different means of transport. In most weddings we see the bride and groom arrive in normal cars, classics or limousines. How about arriving in a different way? A motorbike, a bicycle, a hippie van, on skates or with an electric scooter.

tandem boda bicicleta

  1. Cocktail before the ceremony: Yes, we haven’t gone crazy. Remember that the moment of the wedding begins long before the start of the journey to the altar and surely the guests have already waited a long time until that moment. Those attending the ceremony will appreciate this little refreshment, especially if the wedding is going to take place in a hot season or they are going to have to wait a lot longer for the banquet.

limonada rosa boda

  1. Circle ceremony: How many times have you had to move your head around to get a good view of the wedding? If you arrange the guests’ chairs in a circle during the ceremony, they will be able to see everything perfectly. Leave a small aisle open so that you and your partner can pass through and stand right in the middle of the circle. This way all the guests will have a privileged view of the event.

Ceremonia boda círculo

  1. Petlover: Pets also have a place at weddings and you can create a nice memory with that animal that has always accompanied you. Make them be the ring bearers or you can simply walk down the altar with your pet. You can also take the place of a bridesmaid or one of the groom’s godparents.

perro boda

  1. Time for the vows: Did you and your partner write each other letters or messages of love in your first years together? It will be very exciting and endearing if you incorporate those first words of love into the vows you will read at the wedding. Besides, it is a nice way to remember those words again, surrounded by the people who love you.

  1. Different altar decoration: Did you know that if you get married in a civil ceremony you can decorate the place where you are going to get married in a different way? In this type of wedding you usually have a lot of freedom when it comes to decoration. The most typical thing for the altar is to put flowers in an arch, but you can go further and decorate with old doors, pallets, balloons or you can include decorative elements that make the space unique and unrepeatable.

Decoración altar boda diferente original bombillas noche

  1. Alternatives to rice. Although the tradition is to throw rice at weddings, you can exchange it for soap bubbles, confetti, petals, lavender, vendalas, balloons, leaves, cloth ribbons, pompoms or even paper airplanes. If you’re a traditional type but want something different, you can always prepare colorful rice.

humo de colores para boda

  1. Foodtrucks: What if you forget about the traditional banquet? Foodtrucks are a good way to break up the traditional wedding feast. They are small trucks where the guests can go and order the food directly when they feel like it. We recommend that you negotiate a small, varied menu with different types of dishes, so that you can ensure that everyone attending is satisfied.

Foodtrucks boda

  1. Food corners: Another option different from the typical banquet is to create small corners with different types of food. For example: Mexican, Asian, Spanish, Italian, etc. It also includes dessert stands with various sweets and treats, as well as a cocktail bar. This way you don’t limit your guests to eating something they don’t want or can’t eat.

food corner pizza para boda

  1. Happy Meal for the little ones: Giving a banquet to everyone’s liking is difficult and even more so for children. But if they like something, it is the Happy Meal because it is a fast and fun meal, since it includes some toys. You can order the boxes or create them yourself with the theme of the wedding. If you choose to make them yourself, don’t forget to include similar food or the gift.

  1. Guess riddle, where each guest is going to sit? Make your wedding unforgettable with a little game. Forget about the typical poster where the guests see at first sight where they are sitting at the banquet. Create a little riddle or alphabet soup for them to find out where they have to sit. I’m sure everyone will have a few laughs. Will everyone get the right table?

seatting diferente ideas para una boda original

  1. Children’s Corner: It’s well known that children get bored at weddings. We recommend that you create a corner for them with tables, books, paintings and toys where they can entertain themselves. Also create a dance area with music suitable for their age. This way adults and children will have their own spaces where they can spend a great evening.

  1. Music for everyone: Not everyone likes all kinds of music, so to ensure that all guests have a good time, we recommend that you create an extensive playlist with varied music from various periods and styles. If you are going to hire a DJ or a band you can negotiate with them the type of music you want for the celebration. You can also create a collaborative playlist among your guests. Ask each one to choose their favorite song to play at the wedding.

  1. Flashmob: There are times when guests have a little trouble getting on the dance floor, so encourage them to go out with a flashmob. Create a small dance with a few attendees that ends up in the dance area. This way the festive spirit will settle in the guests and they will want to be part of this fun and lively dance.

baile amigos boda flashmob

  1. Videocall: Isn’t it called photocall? No! You can be even more original and make a videocall, it’s the same idea as above, but your guests will be able to leave you a different message, with sound and movement. Create an environment where your guests can take funny pictures and videos. You can hire a professional or put in a specialized machine.

videocall para boda

  1. Dressing room or beauty corner: Prepare a corner with beauty elements so that guests can refresh or retouch their makeup, since it is a day full of emotions and makeup can be run or patched. If your wedding is going to last until night, incorporate powerful shadow palettes or darker lipsticks so they can turn their morning or evening makeup into a night makeup.

beauty corner o rincon de maquillaje para una boda original

  1. Winter wedding: Normally most weddings take place in good weather, in spring, summer and autumn but do you dream of a winter wedding? How about going to the altar in a sleigh? There are spaces that can be used for more than one purpose, such as greenhouses. They are very romantic spaces that give the feeling of an outdoor wedding because of their glass walls. It is the perfect place to celebrate a winter wedding, especially if snow falls, because you will see the flakes fall while you enjoy the event sheltered and warm.
boda original única y diferente en invierno con nieve
Foto: Martha Stewart weddings
  1. Personalized drinks: Make your wedding more special with personalized drinks. Hire a professional to make one or more cocktails just made for the wedding with your favorite ingredients. You can also personalize the wine bottles with the date of the wedding and your names or even a photo. Don’t forget to save some bottles as a souvenir.

bebida agua personalizada para una boda

  1. Gift for the guests: Thinking about what to give your wedding guests is usually not easy, especially if you want to give something functional. To be original with the detail is very complicated but we give you some ideas: mini plants, perfumes, handmade soaps, personalized candles, personalized home products (preserves, cheese, honey, jam), etc. If you don’t know what to give, you can always make a charity gift for an NGO.


  1. Part-time show: I’m sure the last thing you want is for your wedding to be monotonous and boring. Give it a touch of fun and astonishment with a show that nobody expects. Hire a person to liven up the evening with magic games, shows or dancing, an imitator or monologue. Encourage the professional to interact with the guests so that the show is a guaranteed success.

espectaculo de boda mago boda diferente y original

  1. Bridal dance with visual effects – How about creating an unforgettable atmosphere? Imagine indoor fireworks like those at concerts, with light sources and cold fires. In addition, let’s add a dense layer of floor smoke (it stays at the bottom, without going up). Do you see the result in your mind? A magic picture at your wedding that you will never forget.
baile de novios original humo fuego frio boda
Imagen: Dolton House Sylvania Waters
  1. Post-party: Keep the party going! The day of a wedding goes by very fast, more than you can imagine. To end the evening on a high note, you can choose different atmospheres or places to continue the party, such as a pub, a disco or a karaoke bar to have a good time and continue creating memories surrounded by people who love you.

fiesta boda

Now that you’ve seen these 25 original ideas for a customized wedding, which one do you want to keep?

What will you do at your wedding to make it different, unique and unforgettable? Do you dare to wear different wedding shoes?

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