Woman shoes. Spring Summer 2020 collection, trends.

Women's shoes 2020 collection. Spring Summer shoes 2020. Angel Alarcon Made in Spain

Do you want to know what’s going to wear your feet the Spring & Summer 2020? We invite you to see a small selection of the Angel Alarcon brand’s spring-summer 2020 women’s shoes, models that you can already buy at the sale points and in our online shop. Dress shoes and daily shoes that you will enjoy during this summer season.

The most minimalist designs are interspersed with unique and different shapes that give rise to a new style at Angel Alarcon. The tradition of high heels combined with new trends form the new collection of women’s shoes for spring-summer 2020.

Below we show you some of the trends that are most present in the new line of the Angel Alarcon brand.


This new collection puts comfort first. The soles become thicker and softer with cushioned insoles, making everyday life more bearable with fantastic comfortable shoes.

 Angel Alarcon bikini flip-flop sandals

Flat and low-heeled sandals

Together with the previous concept of comfort, many different models have been created in sandals, both flat and low-heeled with unique and different designs.

Low-heeled clogs will also be very present during the spring. Perfect shoes for the changing seasons and warm temperatures.

Women's sandals and shoes spring summer 2020

Asymmetrical thin strap sandals

Within the minimalist aesthetics, the shoes are made of thin, asymmetric strips, showing the foot and with an elegant design.

Shoes that also incorporate fine bracelets or cross zippers that hold the foot.

 Dress and daily shoes from the Ángel Alarcón brand. Women's sandals and shoes spring summer 2020

Strings and braids

Braided raffias, openwork shoes, knotted shoes and ropes have become a trend for the spring and summer of 2020. With a retro air they are the star element in the new shoe collections and in Angel Alarcon could not be missing.

String shoes and braided raffia for women's shoes spring summer 2020 of the brand Angel Alarcon

Zapatos de mujer primavera verano 2020 stiletto de tacón

Designer heels

The spring-summer 2020 collection is full of daring proposals for present, dynamic and fun women.

In the collection of the Angel Alarcon brand there are many different shapes, colors and styles so that each shoe has a personal and distinctive mark.

Flat heels vertical to the shoe, heels with rounded, geometric shapes or completely rounded heels.

Tacones diferentes zapatos de mujer primavera verano 2020

Tacones de diseño Zapatos de mujer primavera verano 2020

Wide heels and XXL platforms

Clearly, we like high heels, but we also like comfort. That is why this summer you will see XXL platforms attached to high, thick heels every day.

Comfort is guaranteed in casual styles but will also be present in dress looks and even in wedding and party shoes.

Wide-heeled sandals and platform Women's shoes spring summer 2020 Angel Alarcon. Made in Spain. Comfortable and high shoes

Now that you have seen the trends in women’s spring-summer 2020 shoes, which shoe style do you prefer? Which heel do you like the best? Which shoes are you going to try on first?

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