Wedding shoes 2020, trends.

Are you ready to know the trends in wedding shoes 2020 that will be present in the collection of the brand Angel Alarcón? We can tell you that the year 2020 is full of surprises. Lots of surprises! We will have a change of image, website, online shop and style. You will be able to see new models and many more shoes. We are ready for the change! Attention! In January 2020 we are going to show everything. Get ready for what’s to come if you get married in 2020 or 2021!

Wedding shoes 2020, trends


Colores de zapatos de novia 2020 de la colección Ángel Alarcón

The white shoe or bone.  It’s obvious, isn’t it?  The traditional continues and will continue for years to come.  It’s the color preferred by the most romantic brides and white shoes are increasingly used in everyday looks, both in winter and summer.  So go back to wearing your wedding shoes with jeans, tweezers or skirts. Just one use? No way!

More and more we see nude bridal shoes.  The new dresses with leather backgrounds, colour and transparencies are making more and more brides opt for shoes in nude or pink tones.  This trend has been seen in recent years and more and more brides are wearing shoes of this color for their wedding day.

Colored wedding shoes. Are you a daring, casual and funny bride?  So your thing is full color shoes: fuchsia, bougainvillea, purple, lilac, blue, red, silver or gold… Normally at weddings there is always a predominant color, right?  Then add that touch to your shoes as well. How to wear bridal shoes in colour?  You can match the shoes with the bouquet, with a sash, the headdress, with the groom’s accessories or with the wedding decoration.


Materiales de zapatos de novia 2020 de la colección de Ángel Alarcón

We are focusing on leather bridal shoes. We had already announced it last year, lace and rasos have given way to fantasy materials and leather. Why? Because leather is a much more versatile material that can be dyed, painted and personalised, it is also easier to clean and fits much better, so greater comfort is achieved.

Bridal shoes with glitter and fantasy materials. We have gone from thicker glitter and beading to finer shiny fabrics, with glitter or sparkles. Bridal shoes in silver or gold would also fall into this category. They are perfect for princess brides, glamorous brides and avant-garde brides. If the material is white or light tones are perfect for classic, vintage or romantic brides.

Models, heels and platforms

Dibujos de modelos de zapatos de novia de la colección 2020 de la marca Ángel Alarcón

First of all, before reading about this section on trends in wedding shoes 2020 you should think about which shoe you need for your wedding and which one you will feel more comfortable with. Why? Because it doesn’t matter if we tell you that the 15-centimetre stilettos are trendy, if you’re not used to the heel, you’re not going to feel comfortable on your wedding day and that’s the most important thing for us and for you.

Remember that you are going to walk all day in your bridal shoes, so ask yourself the following questions: Lawn or firm ground? Am I used to heels? Do I prefer to go comfortable or glamorous? Let’s show you what’s waiting for you in the 2020 bridal shoe collection.

Stylettos, salons, peep toes, t-straps, d’orsay, sandals… High, medium or low heel; fine or thick heel; with internal platform (not visible), external or without platform. There is a shoe for each bride! What do you choose?

The new collection of wedding shoes 2020 of the brand Angel Alarcón is full of comfortable models, specially designed for the bride to endure with them all day (we recommend you to look at our post 10 keys to find comfortable shoes).

Zapatos de novia 2020 comodos de la marca angel alarcon 2021

Bridal shoes with wide heel. Weddings have changed and so have the shoes. More and more bride and groom prefer a wedding in a country house, a village or in a different environment, which makes it almost essential to change the thin heels for the wide ones.

Remember that fine heels do not disappear, but block, round or elephant leg heels will be the ultimate exponent of the 2020 collection. The wide heel is comfortable, adapts to any woman and dress and is perfect for any type of environment (grass, firm ground, stone, etc.). Moreover, most of the bridal shoes in the new collection have front platforms that allow the foot to be in a much more comfortable position.

Bridal shoes with fine heels. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph the fine heel does not disappear. They are the most classic, fine and elegant shoes. Most of the shoes in the new collection with fine heels are attached to the foot with a buckle: at the ankle, in the shape of a “T” or with crossed closures. Maximum support and comfort.

These are some of the shoes that we will have in our online store and in the stores from the month of JANUARY. Do you want to make a reservation?

Sandalia nude. zapatos de novia 2020 20170-750U NUDE B

zapatos de novia 2020 20170-750U IVORY B

zapatos de novia 2020 20169-750U ivory

zapatos de novia 2020 20168-750U IVORY B

zapatos de novia 2020 20166-513C BLANCO B

zapatos de novia 2020 20165-513C NUDE A

zapatos de novia 2020 20163-513C IVORY

zapatos de novia 2020 20156-750X PLATA A

zapatos de novia 2020 20151-309G BLANCO B

zapatos de novia 2020 20150-525C BLANCO B

zapatos de novia 2020 20149-5011A BLANCO B

zapatos de novia 2020 20148-5011A IVORY

There are many models and colors!

Write a comment in this post and we will update you when new collection is on sale.

Zapatos de novia 2020 comodos de la marca angel alarcon 2021 dorados

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When will I be able to buy the wedding shoes 2020?

You will be able to buy your shoes from January. We are already manufacturing them! Would you like to make a reservation?

Where can I buy wedding shoes 2020?

Each shop will have different shoes, sizes and colours. If you are looking for a specific model please contact us and we will help you find it.

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