Yes, black and white weddings are possible and elegant

Who says black has no place in a wedding? Black is an elegant, sophisticated, refined and distinguished colour that can make your wedding unique and unforgettable without being gloomy and scary.

Would you like to see some examples? We have prepared a series of images that will make you think about using black and white on your wedding day.

In recent years weddings have changed a lot: brides use other colours in their wedding look, they wear bridal shoes in other colours than the traditional one, they decorate their weddings in full colour, they choose a tone or decide on simplicity and elegance. Why not use black and white? Until recently it was not very common to see a bride wearing black at her wedding, was it? Well, times change.

In the 60’s most brides chose the colour BLACK for the making of their dress not for fashion reasons but for economic reasons (the dress was later reused) or they also did it for personal reasons (because of the great respect for the death of a close relative). Nowadays there are many brides who decide to use black and white at their weddings because they like it.

Everything in black? Well, that’s up to you, we have already seen some brides with impressive black dresses, but it is not necessary to use a total black, you can also give it a touch of another color.

boda novia y novio de negro

There are also many white wedding dresses with brushstrokes and touches of color or black tones in their suits, especially in sashes, embroidery, in the veil and in the laces.

vestido de novia blanco y negro moderno y original

In addition, another option is that the guests or the bridesmaids are in black. There are impressive dresses in this color.

What to consider if you choose a black and white wedding?

The colour black is recommended above all for civil weddings held outdoors in places such as the beach and the countryside, where natural light will provide the necessary warmth so that your wedding does not look like a funeral or a Gothic wedding.

To brighten up a black and white wedding, a third brighter colour is usually chosen and used alternately, for example in the bridal bouquet, the flowers in the bouquets, the bridesmaids’ and pageants’ dresses, the loops on the chairs for the guests or even with pretty bags of coloured rice.

With black there are many colors that combine well and you should choose the third color according to your tastes, red for its intensity and meaning (love, luck and prosperity, etc). Choose the third colour for your wedding always trying not to choose dark tones such as marine, grey, brown or purple.

Black wedding shoes

Why not? It’s the best idea if you want to reuse your wedding shoes. If you were thinking of putting on a pair of nude shoes and then using them again, you can also choose a black wedding shoe.

zapatos de novia de color negro

But if you’re a traditional type, you can continue to wear white wedding shoes and put them back on – dare to reuse your wedding shoes too! White shoes look great in summer with jeans and, since it’s a neutral color you can wear it with all colors, like black or nude.

Let’s see how to combine a black wedding shoe with your wedding day accessories. We have already seen how your wedding dress can have black touches but if you want a traditional wedding dress, to make your look great you can combine the shoes with the bouquet, with the manicure or some black accessories, simple, discreet and elegant.

Detalle negro en boda pulsera

Black and white wedding decoration

Wedding decoration can also be a design element on your wedding day, but you can also start using it earlier, from the “save the date” and the invitations, where you can already start using black and white for your wedding.

Other areas where you can use these colors are the altar or the area where you are going to get married, the information panels, the seating, the decoration at the banquet, the decoration of the dance, etc. At the banquet you can use black and white centerpieces, play with the table linen or the napkins.

invitacion de boda en blanco y negro

altar de boda blanco y negro

decoración de altar de boda en blanco y negro

decoración de boda blanco y negro

decoración de boda blanco y negro manteleria y servilletas

decoracion de banquete de boda blanco y negro

decoracion boda blanco y negro globos

Food, drinks, sweets and wedding cake in black and white

You can give a different touch to your whole wedding by choosing black and white in the food. Super fun! Can you imagine a black burger in the cocktail

Well, there is! As a cocktail you could also serve croquettes (squid, cuttlefish or black pudding ink) with mayonnaise. So, little by little, we can prepare a menu and rich dishes with our favourite colours: the main course of black paella, a cocktail of black and white drinks, the wedding cake, coffee with cream, a sweet themed table – quite a show!

hamburguesa de color negro

Tarta de boda de color negro y dorado

You can see more wedding pictures in black and white in our Pinterest

What did you think of these ideas?
What colors did you use at your wedding or what colors would you like to use?
Would you get married dressed in black and white?
We want to know your opinion!

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