Do you have an event and you’re worried that you’ll hold on to those dream shoes all night? Do you think those are the ones that fit your look? I’m sure they’re beautiful, but don’t forget that uncomfortable shoes can ruin your day. Here are 10 tips to find comfortable shoes

It is becoming more and more important to look for comfortable shoes that are perfect for any event, but, above all, that are perfect to endure the whole evening without pain and without having to change or having to take off them. Let’s not lose the glamour!

Don’t you want to put up with your shoes as much as possible? We propose you some keys to find the ideal shoe for that event or wedding that you have in sight and dance all night long.comfortable wide heel shoes

1. Wear the heel height you’re used to, it’s the key to being comfortable with shoes at any event. Even if you feel like wearing a pair of sandals with a scandal heel, think carefully because they can turn into torture. Go to safety and what you wear frequently. You may be a little taller, but keep in mind the following points and recommendations.

2. Never wear a shoe that is larger or smaller in size. If it is loose, your foot will dance and you will feel uncomfortable. If it fits you, you won’t be able to walk, much less dance… The chafings appears because the shoe wasn’t ideal for you or wasn’t the right size. Buy the shoes in the afternoon, is when the foot is more swollen. This way you make sure that the size is the right one to hold on with them all day.

3. New shoes have to be tamed. New shoes are always rigid. Walk with them around the house a few days before the premiere until they soften a little. Do you want to be more comfortable? You can put a template on it from the beginning so that it cushions the footfall better.

4. Choose platform shoes if you are not used to wearing high heels. It’s a perfect, modern and practical trick to give you the feeling of wearing comfortable and stable shoes.

Comfortable bridal shoes with a platform and a wide heel. Wedding sandals tied and fastened

Comfortable women's sandals 2020

5. Beware of lawn, ground or sand: if the wedding or event is outdoors, run away from a very thin heel that can be nailed to the lawn. Walking in a garden with an uncomfortable shoe can ruin the event and mess up the heel of the shoe. Don’t doubt it, a wedge heel or a square, wide heel are more suitable for moving on these types of surfaces. Especially now that weddings are usually celebrated at houses, very nice but impractical for a stiletto heel, run away from these if the event is outdoors. We want to emphasize this point so if you don’t want your shoes to break, stain or damage again by nailing them to the lawn, complete your perfect guest look with one of these party shoes suitable for outdoor weddings.

Heels different women's shoes spring summer 2020

6. Use heel protectors. If in the end you decide on a pair of shoes with stiletto heels, choose a good last so you can last the whole night. Remember that for events on grass, ground or sand there are fantastic covers. We recommend the brand Los Manolitos. These flexible heel covers have a base and prevent the shoe from sinking into softer surfaces. This way you protect your shoe and walk more comfortably.

Wedding sandal with heel protector (cover) getting a comfortable shoes.

7. Do you dare to wear a flat party shoe? If maximum comfort is your thing, you are tall and you always go with a flat shoe, don’t hesitate and get off the heels. Nowadays there are wonderful designs in flat shoes or with little heel. These models are perfectly designed to look great at parties and events. You’ll be able to walk, dance and enjoy late into the night without thinking about your feet.

zapatos cómodos planos de vestir o de fiesta. Mocasin de animal print guepardo.

8. A medium heel will always be more elegant and stylize your shape than a flat one. Look for an elegant and comfortable shoe that stylizes your shape. Closed, open, brightly coloured shoes or glitter heels. There’s plenty of variety in mid-heeled party and wedding shoes. Just look through our collections.

Comfortable shoes with a medium heel. Angel Alarcon women's party and dress shoes.

9. Try to choose leather shoes or quality fabrics. These materials make the shoe more flexible and usually fit better. Another important thing is that the inside is made of leather.

10. Find the last of your shoe. Yes, we know it’s a set phrase, but applied to footwear is something very important to keep in mind. There is a shoe for each foot and it is important to know which shoe is the best for each one.

Comfortable shoe formers .

As a last option, if you have not followed our recommendations and have not bought Angel Alarcón shoes, you can always take a spare pair of shoes so you can dance late at night.

Match your look with appropriate accessories. A matching bag is usually the key to give your outfit a 10. You’ll be a guest of honor!

What did you think of these 10 keys to finding comfortable shoes? Which shoes would you choose?

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