The velvet shoes are trend this winter.

Fashions come and go but, although this material has been trying for several seasons to make a place for itself in our wardrobes, there are now more velvet shoes in our looks, both daily and on the most festive nights.

Velvet is “the fabric of royalty” for its elegance and is the star fabric of the winter season since a couple of years for its softness, brightness and warmth. We see them in t-shirts, trousers, coats, dresses and also in footwear. This material has a very sophisticated “glam” touch but, at the same time, we can add it to any daily outfit, adapting it to street looks with jeans for example. Let’s not forget that velvet reflects the light. Are you going to wear them only at night?

The Ángel Alarcón brand has manufactured shoes from its Autumn-Winter collection since a couple of years with a different velvet which makes the shoe much more glamorous. Also, as a difference, you can find velvet shoes engraved in baroque style with flowery motifs. They are beautiful!

The most important colours are silver, navy blue, bottle green and burgundy, but if you’re more classic you always have black velvet shoes available.

zapatos de terciopelo negro con glitter en el tacon

It is clear that the classic par excellence in velvet shoes are the stilettos because they provide greater elegance and glamour, but they are not the only styles we can find: salons, boots, mules… There’s everything!

Who said the sandals were only for the summer? We show you a velvet sandal, perfect for the winter.

If you don’t dare with the sandals you always have the option to choose some precious velvet boots. This model has a wide glitter heel and a fine toe.

What do you think about the velvet shoes of the Ángel Alarcón brand?

What would you wear?

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zapatos de terciopelo negro y burdeos de la marca Angel Alarcon stiletto de terciopelo con tacon alto

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