Have you ever looked at a woman just for the way she walked? You may wear your heels every day, you may only wear them a few times, or you may wear your heels for the first time. The question is simple: do we know how to wear heels?

Although walking in heels may seem like an easy task, I have some bad news, but it’s not, especially if you want to do it with grace and elegance. To walk in heels is not enough to put them on, you have to show off your shoes and your body.

Practice and perseverance are always good allies. Today there are academies that teach you to walk on heels in a sensual and elegant way (for example “Talons Academy” in Paris).

Here are 10 practical tips for walking in elegant heels.

1. Wear good and quality shoes that doesn’t hurt your feet when you walk. The quality of a shoe often has a positive influence on the way you walk.

2. Buy high heels with a soft insole (at Ángel Alarcón we use cambrillón, a kind of sponge that is placed on the inner sole to cushion the blows that occur when walking).

3. If you don’t want to look like a duck, don’t try to rest both the toe and the heel at the same time.  You have to rest first the heel of your shoe and then the toe, this is how the foot should rest.

4. While you rest the heel with one foot the other foot is peeling away from the toe.

5. Bend your knees a bit as you walk, but don’t walk with your knees forward.

6. Straight body, straight back, look straight ahead and no jumping when you walk, the body just swings from side to side, never up and down.

7. Walk with your heels straight, try not to bend them. Check if you wear away one side of the shoe more than the other and change the heel covers from time to time.

8. Buy a shoe that is your last, that is, if a shoe wrecks your foot when you try it on, do not buy it. There are many different lasts, surely you will find yours (in Ángel Alarcón we have more than 15 different lasts).

9. Be careful where you walk, try not to do it on fresh lawn or areas with grilles or vents in the ground. If you have no choice but to walk in these areas forget point 1 because you will have to walk on tiptoe without supporting the heel or it will sink.

10. If you are going to walk a long distance or are in a hurry, forget the heels. On many occasions we have seen girls who take off their shoes at weddings, who keeps sittomg down or who move or walk as if they had thumbtacks on their shoes. If you do this you have lost all glamour.

In addition, we show you a very interesting video to walk with stilettos:

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